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Body Detox Group Coaching – Phase 4 “How to Emotionally Detox to Heal Yourself”

Welcome! So glad you are on this Group Coaching tonite – one of the most powerful sessions by far! My special guest for this session, Doreen Lecheler have lots and lots to share with you, teach you, coach you through so get ready for an exciting evening! As always, these Group Coaching sessions are recorded, [...]

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It’s time to eliminate your blood sludge!

Personal Report – Herbs for Cleansing Your Colon I cleanse at least 3 times per year, sometimes more. But with all the traveling it can be a challenge. Well, let’s face it, finding time to do a good cleansing is challenging anytime of the year. The prep, the planning, the doing – it all takes [...]

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It’s time for a spring detox!

Herbs for Heart Health & Lowering Your Blood Pressure Here’s a scary fact – heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. You think it has anything to do with the high stress lifestyle, poor foods and lack of exercise? Of course it does! I would love to take all of you [...]

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Detox and Recharge your body

IN THE NEWS This literally took my breath away – A couple of months back, Camelot Cancer clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma (close to where I went to school), got shut down. The FDA, & the FBI went with their and pointed at those hard working folks who had created healing programs. The criminal charges? Their [...]

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3 Herbs to keep you calm, cool, and ‘clean’ for the holidays

Herbs for the Holidays to Keep Your Healthy Back in my clinic days, I was working 70 hour weeks trying to save the world! Young and foolish that I was, I ended up burning out quickly. On my recovery road, I learned that going 100 mph was burning out my adrenal glands, burning up my [...]

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The Skin, Chemical, and Disease Connection

You might not think it’s a big deal – just dab a bit of lotion or cream and you’re good to go! But using body lotion day in and day out is a VERY big deal! It can actually lead to some very serious diseases that the average health practioner fails to tell you! Case [...]

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Healthy holiday detox tips + recipes

Holiday Detox Recipes Keeping your Liver Holiday Healthy First, the simplest thing to do is keep on drinking that lemon water! Drink at least 1 quart daily using one whole FRESH lemon per quart or liter. Second – juice, juice, juice, even if its 1-2 cups daily. Apple-cuke-celery Juice – one of the BEST for [...]

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3 Ways to know if your supplements are safe

Let’s go through that checklist now to see the 3 ways to see if your supplements are safe… #1 Synthetic vs Natural Vitamins ” Americans spend over $9 billion per year for synthetic vitamins” Let me get a bit scientific with you here folks to explain the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins… Vitamins are [...]

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5 Must-Have Tools to create a Healing Environment

Home Healing Tool #1 Clean up the toxic mess. First thing first – get rid of ALL the toxins in each and every room of your house! I know technically it’s not a tool – but it IS a super important step. I visited some gorgeous homes, one was even awarded the Home Magazine #1 [...]

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[Cancer Detox] How to avoid the pink ribbon syndrome

You will hear a TON of info as the media does its annual push for Breast Cancer Awareness this month. As you can imagine, I AM for breast cancer awareness but NOT for what they are promoting. I’ll tell you why, and what YOU need to be aware of, since knowledge is power, and I [...]

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